Tuesday, 26 February 2013

H&M Rock 'N' Roll Mansion Collection

Doing it for us gap-toothed Queens.

Home Bird

There's nothing quite like returning home at the end of a long day and loving what you see. City life can be so ugly.. endless flashing of kebab shop signs, dirty building fronts and old buildings that were once so beautiful and grand, swallowed into the clutches of our twenty first century concrete jungle. 

I've been a total gypsy/slum dog intern for a while now. For a home bird, I've moved house far too many times, my saving grace being that I have been able to take my home essentials with me as I go. Mirrored furniture, my framed Chanel ads (circa Lily) and various family photos and fur rugs. 

I love my home comforts, and enjoy living in a place that reflects me and my values. A place I can have friends around.. the odd ooh's and aah's are a fashionistas interior design version of a killer accessory and I like to feel comfortable. Pinterest has been my saviour.. and whilst I'm currently in the middle of moving back to my parents now I'm in that horrid inbetweeny phase (gah).. at least it gives me the chance to dream up my perfect living space..... then figure out how to condense it into a £600 a month room. -The one thing I hate hate hate about London... living costs!! Still, clean lines, fresh flowers and a chic colour scheme can turn any drab, dull attic room into your own little bit of paradise.. And I don't mind cheating on fashion with furniture if it gives my favourites a better home to chill in when Momma's at work. 

If, like me your wardrobe far outweighs your rent budget.. you need to get clever on the storage front. Check out the below for some brilliant ideas!

Bye bye flat-a-roo :( ......

Jeremy Kyle mornings.

Worming Vogue into my dissertation reading.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

SJP for Harper's Bazaar China

When airbrushing goes from being your best friend to your worst enemy. I'm happy just to focus on the hair though.. 
Voluming 'ell.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013