Friday, 23 August 2013

Wow! I don't know why, but not blogging for over a month seems to be doing my stats the world of good... are you trying to tell me something?! I have been tweeting a lot recently, so I guess I'll put it down to that. 

The last month has all been about work work work. Bijoux Bazaar has launched, and with a response more successful than what even my delusional little brain had conjured up, I've been flapping around like a headless chicken answering emails, sending sample requests to mags and celebs, and, most importantly, making sure our super rad customers get their jewels on time. It has been quite the month.

So, I just thought I'd pop by really. Sy hello, update you all and catch up on my blogroll. You really are a fabulous bunch, aren't you?! I feel totally out of the loop.. but enjoy a Friday night blog marathon.

Here are some snaps of what things have turned into. This is kind of my life. I kinda love it..