Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bijoux Bazaar

Helloooo! Remember me? Yes.. I've been away for quite some time. Soz 'n' chips and all that. 

If you remember, my last post was all about entrepreneurialism, creating your own career and all that good stuff that lots of Uni's should be teaching nowadays. Well, I took my own advice and am almost ready to set up my own online jewellery retailer Bijoux Bazaar.

After allllll of my internships at companies such as ASOS and fantastic opportunities at the likes of Company Magazine and Grazia, I decided to put all I have learned to good use and launch something that A.. I feel there is a need and space for, and B.. That will feed into my passion and fulfil me every day. 

The mini website is almost ready to launch, I'm just waiting for the last few designs to be delivered. I hope to grow quickly, soon with a strong editorial platform and maybe even a team by my side. 

You can get me tweeting @BijouxBazaarUK

We also have a Facebook page which I'd LOVE for you to like and follow here!

We'll be doing a lot of giveaways in the next few weeks, so give us a like and a follow to be in it to win it as they do say..

Here is a sneaky pic of some of our loot.. I hope you love!

One of the most important things I wanted for Bijoux Bazaar was that our products are affordable. Our prices will range from £6 for a bangle or a pair of cocktail studs, to £30 for a huge statement jewel necklace. Look out for us featured in your fave mags.. and please feel free to message us on any of our social media sites, or on our blog bijouxbazaaruk.blogspot.co.uk.  

I've also recently been invited to have my own fashion column in Cardiff Times.. So if you're in or around the beautiful city.. grab yourself a copy! It's on page 11 of this issue.. and features some Bijoux Bazaar goodies of course!