Saturday, 30 June 2012

Print Me Up - Outfit Post

Thursday was re-named #TopKnotThursday due to the ridiculously clammy weather here in the UK! I was heading off the Zara sale, so needed to be cool and comfortable. For a sale notoriously, well, rubbish to start with, those shoppers are ruthless! I needed duck and dive attire. 

T-Shirt // Celine
Trousers // Warehouse
Coat // Zara
Bag // Moschino
Shoes // Asos

..I didn't buy a thing in the end! But was relieved to see all the things I had bought pre sale had only been reduced £10-£15 at most! 

Lucy xx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hardy Amies SS13 - Sartorial Splendour

Loose fitting tailoring in creamy white opened the Hardy Amies debut show in Paris. Trousers perched above the ankle flashed an inch of skin as the eye wandered down to neatly laced brogues and tassled loafers.

Hands sank into the pockets of tailored shorts, taking a longer length than previous seasons. Wardrobe constants in the form of shirts and ties were housed under patterned jackets complementing the freshness injected into the Amies man’s wardrobe with raspberry and geometric shapes emerging from the blackened out surroundings.

Experimenting playfully with English silhouettes, and now under the creative direction of Claire Malcolm, there was a definite nod to era’s past.

Knotted neckerchiefs nestled into the necks of shirts in the same fabric, with bow ties and satin dinner jackets adding the splendour to the sartorial. 

Week on Instagram

Monday, 25 June 2012

Rihanna in Katie Eary SS13

It was great to see Rihanna close Hackney Weekend!.. And even better that she was dressed in our very own home grown talent Katie Eary SS13. 

Is menswear the new womanswear? We've been borrowing our boyfriend's/brother's T's for the last 10 years.. but the staple pieces of a collection?.. I think we'll see a lot more of this with the introduction of Men's Fashion Week. 

Get me to the men's department. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dropping the Y?

I went to bed last night pondering the rumoured name change for the French fashion house we know as Yves Saint Laurent. Like most, my initial instinct was to recoil in horror. It's interlinking letters have become one of the most iconic in the industry. Why fix something that isn't broken?
(I had enough trouble when Heinz Baked Beans changed the graphics on their tins.) 

You'd think that working/playing in an environment such as the fashion industry, we'd be used to change. Trends change like the weather.. Creative Directors follow suit. 

Saint Laurent Paris 'SLP' doesn't seem to have the same ring to it. Sounds less fashion.. more engineering company (or 'Service Location Protocol' if you ask Wikipedia). 

That said, I can't really blame Hedi Slimane for wanting to place his own stamp on the company, as reported, he wants to inject the brand with a more fresh, modern feel. 

I can't help but worry that the roots of the company will become unearthed. I truly hope that the DNA of the brand, and promise of Valerie Hermann (former YSL CEO) is held dear. 

What are your thoughts on this?


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Delightful Delevingne

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to look like Poppy Delevingne. I trust that five months is enough warning in advance to work your magic.

Best Wishes

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tropical Neckpiece

This image has been sitting on my desktop for the best part of a year now. I have no idea where it's from! It would be great if anyone could enlighten me..
I love this look. It just screams tropical destination.. and is worth booking a trip away just to wear it somewhere worthy of such splendour. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just Stuff I Like Really...


Familiar Face

Image //

Happily following the Men's Collections from the comfort of my bed/couch/train seat, it was great to see a familiar face pop up on my news feed. Reppin' it for the Smiths, Rory walked the Pringle of Scotland  SS '13 show earlier in the day. 
"Snazzy" - Grandpa 
"Oh, very nice" - Dad
"Well I don't like that jacket. It's far too big" - Mum
Well... 2 out of 3 ain't bad Ror.

Proud as punch. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I Want It : Givenchy Croisiere 2013

If you looked up the word 'perfection' in the dictionary, you would be sure to see this dress illustrating the definition.
...Too much for graduation?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Muhammad Ali for Louis Vuitton

Appearing in international glossies from June 5th, Muhammad Ali stars in the latest Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign. Accompanied by his cute as can be grandson, it was shot at his Arizona home by photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

The campaign's tagline reads: "Some stars show you the way. Muhammed Ali and a rising star. Phoenix, Arizona." Hardly the obvious choice, I think it adds a great dynamic to the campaign, highlighting the heritage of the brand and the core values it holds dear. 

Beaded Brogues

I am completely in love with these Florsheim by Duckie Brown beaded brogues. Peppered with finely placed beads, they look like they've been covered in jam and rolled in hundreds and thousands. 
Good enough to eat. 

Part of their A/W '12 collection, they're not available yet. Check out to shop their current collection.

"A shared appreciation for tradition and quality is
the common ground that unites this partnership ... Florsheim by Duckie Brown is For the Man Who Cares."

GFW Outfit Snap

Tweed jacket // Zara 
Shirt // Vintage
Pins // Prada

I completely forgot to take a full outfit photo. I got snapped quite a few times during the day, so hopefully I'll find a descent full length one to share..


Company Magazine Graduate Takeover

It's 8:30 am. I'd do anything to be back in bed. Swathed in the goose feather yumminess that is my quilt and listening to the rain beat on my window sill. Instead, I'm stuck on a freezing bus in nose to tail traffic somewhere on the M4. Sat next to a middle aged man with absolutely no spacial or social awareness eating the vilest smelling sandwiches I have ever encountered. There is also a girl sitting three seats back throwing up into an empty crisp packet. I'd got up at 6am so secure prime position on the front of the top deck. All ruined by putrid sandwiches and vomit. Glamour. Glamour. Glamour.

View from the top deck

I glanced at my watch. Time is literally standing still. With that, the familiar buzz of an email dropping into my inbox cuts short my (slightly over dramatic) despair. It was from Victoria White.. Ya know, the Editor of Company Magazine. Yes. Apparently I get emails from Victoria White... The Editor of Company Magazine!! 

You see, this wasn't just any trip to London. I was on my way to take part in a competition to guest edit the October issue of Company (my birthday month issue no less) for the 'Graduate Takeover'. I was in the final twelve, and couldn't be more excited! 

I finally arrived at Earls Court 2 at midday ready for the next stage of the competition. Amongst the neatly prepared stands and competing mannequins I managed to find the other finalists. After the judges (Company's Victoria White, Oonagh Brennan and Theresa Caney) arrived we were quickly set our tasks, which mainly consisted of creating a new cover, and coming up with feature ideas for the October issue. 

Brainstorming away in the Drapers lounge. Image // Victoria White

One of my ideas was to include a fashion feature surrounding the fashion weeks of the world. Yes, there's not just New York, London, Milan and Paris. There's Africa, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Ukrainian Fashion Week to name a few. They just don't get enough coverage over here, and I think it would be so interesting to see what the wider international collective have to offer!

It would be great to include an editorial 'shoot full of cultural references with a look inspired by each country. 

It was to lovely to speak to the Victoria, who loved Grandeur! ..and even took a copy to read. 

I was so consumed by what was happening throughout the day I barely took any photos! It was rounded off by me getting a great seat for the Nottingham Trent Show. It pays to have a brother as a model who ensures I have access to these kind of events! 

Rory walking in the Nottingham Trent show. Such amazing design talent on display.

         Graduate fashion Week Q&A with Editor of Glamour Magazine Jo Elvin, Kate Walsh of the Sunday Times and Gemma Cairney of Radio One. The tiered display of mannequins at the Nottingham Trent stand welcomed visitors at the entrance.

Opulent Embellishment at Colchester.

Childrens wear by Simon Wong. I love the laser cut edge! (I'm pretty sure this was at the Ravensbourne stand).

All in all it was a great day.
...Topped off with an email announcing that I HAD BEEN SELECTED!!
I'll be off to London in July to help guest edit the October issue. Watch this space for more info!


Friday, 8 June 2012

My Week on Instagram


Prada Sighs and Crystal Sleeves

I was stopped in my tracks when flicking through this month's Elle magazine. Hurriedly swiping at the corners of each page to find that interview with a certain Mr Beckham, I couldn't help but marvel at this leather and crystal bag by Prada. Not usually one for 'blingy' (for want of a better word) bags, I was transfixed by it's gooey baby blue leather, peppered with perfectly lined royal blue crystals. With a price tag of £2,450 and a disillusioned sigh later I saved this image to the confines of my desktop folder 'wish list' and continued my search of the tattooed torso that covers the July issue. 

24 hours later I found myself in H&M, running my eyes over the stainless steel rails housing which is undeniably the high street version of Louis Vuitton S/S '12 when I spotted this muted pink crystal sleeve tshirt. 

A snip at £24.99, it really reminded me of the Prada bag, and could easily be from the same collection.

I will be wearing it when the weather picks up as I refuse to hide the sleeves under a soggy parker. 
I just do. 


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Elin Kling for Guess by Marciano

A match made in heaven, one of my absolute favourites, Elin Kling, has announced she has been working on a collaboration for Guess by Marciano. As opposed to her pervious collab with H&M, which was only available in Sweden, this exciting new venture will be available globally! 
Inspired by archived campaign images, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this fall.. 

Intern Memories

Just found this little note that was given to me (along with a big bag of fashion cupboard goodies) on my last day interning at Asos Magazine. This had to be one of my favourite internships, where I really felt part of the team! It was so great to be surrounded by people with the same passion, work ethic and interests as me.. And the clothes!.. Ohh the clothes.. 


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Nights

I simply adore this photo. Glorious summer evenings.. where have you gone?? I have far too many pretty dresses to wear for you...


Block Orange & YSL Nails

After scrubbing off the previous Chanel Dragon polish (which disappointingly looked chipped and worn within 12 hours) to get rid of the beetroot dip-dye look I was not happy about sporting, I decided to go with Barry M's 'Block Orange'. Considering the price (a purse friendly £2.99), I was happy with the look after just two coats. Topped off with the old faithful Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, the cherry on the cake were these YSL nail stickers bought last year during a jaunt to Spitalfield Market. Often a fan of less is more with nails, I feel one on each thumb is suffice. 

Dreamer of the Day

Everyone has people they look up to. Mentors, muses, or people they aspire to be like. I, like many other aspiring fashion journalists have a Twitter full of these. Aside from the celebrity of the moment culture, nothing beats people you can relate to. Maybe with un-realised dreams. Or a dreamer of the day, that can put pen to paper and realise their thoughts and dreams so well that you feel like you’re walking on the clouds of their imagination, where every step you take you fall deeper into the recesses of their mind.

That’s kind of how I felt about him. Not an actual friend, but a Twitter friend. Brought together by a Tweet about Pirates of the Caribbean, we exchanged follows. The fact he was, at the time, an employee of Conde Nast I have to say intrigued me more. I’d regularly click onto his website link. Where his short story’s read like pages dipped in what could only be described as pure enchantment, and the line between imagination and reality was so blurred that you could do nothing but get engulfed by his words.

Tweet’s about Martinis with the ‘Elle girls’, and spending his lunch break dashing off across London to share a slice of tiramisu with ‘ma petite amie’ only added to the allure. I sent him an email once. I picked his brain about the industry and which path I should take. He replied seemingly without hesitation, with a message packed full of insight and knowledge. An expert in his craft at the tender age of 24, he had accomplished what many could only dream of.

I did notice his Twitter submission’s had become quiet. Quickly realizing that it was just after Valentines Day, I imagined he’d whisked his ballerina girl off to some romantic location worthy of a Linda Howard novel. He just seemed that type, you know. A dreamer of the day, living out the words of T.E Lawrence and acting his dreams with open eyes. I admired him. I wondered if our paths would ever cross, laden with double ‘don’t I know you?’ stares. It’s such a shame that will never happen. As on Valentines Day, the boy with the way with words, the dreamer of the day had nothing left to say.

His decision to end his own life will echo in my consciousness for years to come. A reminder that what looks perfect from the outside could be riddled with imperfection and unhappiness within. Under those layers of finely tuned paragraphs and interlocking adjectives sliding to the next like butter on warm toast, there was an author so tangled, he could see no other path for himself.

It made me realise that this career I crave and work so hard for may not complete me like I assume it would. I was forced to admit that as important as realizing my dream is, there are a lot more boxes I need to tick. Take the blinkers off, sit back and smell the flowers of today. As dramatic as this may sound, I would compare it to an individual finding out that a religion they had followed their whole life was flawed. That there is not always a cushioned pillow of constant contentment and joy once you enter those gilded gates. Of course, I’m sure the level of elation could scarcely be rivaled, but just like any profession, you have to tread water. The swans of the fashion world, they are graceful and stern. Peacefully gliding over the surface of the pond of life, while their pedicured feet, masked by nature’s version of the waterproof trench are paddling profusely to ensure their destination.
I’ve never cried over the death of someone I’ve never met before this. A true testament to the 
power of words I guess. And I thank him for his.


CFDA prep the Rebecca Minkoff way

LOVING this Rebecca Minkoff cover of 'Call Me Maybe'. Filmed as they were getting ready for the CFDA awards.. I have had this on repeat all morning! (and have decided that going brunette was definitely the right decision on my part.)
Looks like there's no party like a Minkoff party. I want in! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Florals for HRH

 I will be sporting 90s Moschino hardware housed upon a peplum floral number to toast HRH on her 60 years this weekend. Pairing with black denim skinny shorts and a crown. Obvs. 
Here's to you, Liz. 

Top // River Island