Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dungaree Me

I've always considered the dungaree the uniform of the over indulged and uninspired. The reason so may 90s 3 year olds voluntarily wet themselves in nursery due to those ridiculous metal clip thingys that were IMPOSSIBLE to negotiate with tiny chalk filled hands (or so I've heard). It was also what Rachel wore after she left her fianc√© at the altar, had to cut up her credit cards and get a job serving her friends coffee. I had no desire to join this club. And in there, my friends lies it's beauty. 

The original double denim (like you had a choice) has now been transformed into buttery soft leather worn over dropped arm holes and pared with cab to curb heels. My fingers are now big enough to manoeuvre the clips, and I'd happily serve coffee if it meant I'd look like this. The fickleness of fashion rears it's ugly head yet again. One lump or two?


  1. Oh Lucy I envy your writing skills! I saw denim dungarees in Zara after reading this post and was tempted to give them a whirl!


    1. Aw thanks so much Eve! Ohh you should totally give them a whirl! I'm still holding out for a leather pair.. I almost bought some on ASOS and now they're sold out!! REGRET! xx