Saturday, 6 April 2013

ASOS do it again. Holy Moly door knocker knock outs.

I love Net-a-porter, I really, really do. When I've ever got an extra bit of cash (very rare these days) I'll head on over to see what investment piece I can get my mitts on. Door knocker earring's are still the accessory of the season, and I always find myself having a virtual window shop.. scrolling down oohing and ahhing at the offerings of Kenneth Jay Lane and Erickson Beamon. Full of sparkly delights.. Aladdin's cave ain't got nothing on my Net-a-porter wish list! A deep breath later, I mosey on over to ASOS to satisfy my craving... How amazing have their jewellery offerings been as of late?! Don't get me wrong.. the quality most definitely reflects the price, but for something I'm only ever going to wear a handful of times, that's a compromise I'm willing to make.
Take a look at the comparison yourself.. God bless the British (virtual) high street.

The Marbled Stone Drop Earrings are already on their way to me!..I'm calling it a late Easter present as I did not receive one chocolate egg this year!


  1. Lovely post. So many pretty ones!

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    1. Thanks Victoria.. I'll pop on over this evening! x