Thursday, 21 March 2013

Label Love // Ek Thongprasert Jewellery

Anyone that knows me personally will know that jewellery is kiiiind of my 'thing'. They say that love lies in the details.. and this statement is no truer than when it comes to dressing. Accessories more than often make an outfit, wether it's to pull out a colour or to dress up an LBD... I think choice of accessories can tell you so much about a person's taste.

So. Let me introduce you to Ek Thongprasert, a Belgian jewellery brand that uses silicone to create heirloom silhouettes infused with coloured cubic zirconia's. I love them! Their colour combinations are so perfect and a great addition to any Summer wardrobe. Net-a-porter have picked up the brand and should be fully stocked soon! The price is a little to be desired, I know, but I think the statement 'Buy Less, Choose Well' should apply here. 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Benefit #FakeUp Launch

On Tuesday evening I was invited to Benefit's Fake Up launch event. As a strictly fashion only blogger, I was a bit dubious about attending at first as, quite frankly I know nadda about make up. I'm not accustom to any fancy, technical words and am more of a 'I know what I like and I like what I know' kinda gal when it comes to stuff I put on my face. I soon came to the realisation that actually, attending something like this could teach me a thing or two, and aid me in my fear of the unknown. ..And who the heck am I to turn down an invite from Benefit? Home of 'They're Real' mascara and what turned out to be the sweetest PR, social media and make up gurus, like, ever. 

Throughout the evening we sipped prosecco, nibbled on canapés (I instantly regretted the last minute Mc D's drop in before we arrived) and chatted to the various Benefit girls and bloggers, vloggers et al . 

The point of the event was the launch of their new Fake Up concealer. Basically, all you need to know is it was used all over Cara Delevingne for Matthew Williamson's Feb AW '13 show to make her look like this after partying with Rhi Rhi the night before...

Lisa, the Head Makeup, Trend Artist and Brow Expert (and who is responsible for the above glow) demonstrated how to use the product and gave us a few pointers on what makes it so bloody fabulous. 

We left with the best goody bag.. Fake Up and Hello Flawless powder cover up (as it's the product's one year anniversary!)

Fact #1 // You can use the stick on any part of your face. Sweep it under the eyes like you would a normal concealer, and blend in. The difference really is amazing, and you can see the healthy glow almost instantaneously. It's great for around the nose area, and is perfect for any redness, rosacia and blemishes. 

Fact #2 // The concealer is encased in a hydrating ring of balm. Again, making it perfect for the around the nose area. I have a horrid cold due to this even more horrid weather we've been having lately. This not only covers up the redness but soothes dry skin from all that nose wiping.. gross but true. 

Fact #3 // The sticks come in three different shades. Light, Medium and Deep. Lisa explained that by taking one little step outside of the box, you can use them to contour. If you're a fan of contouring, or want to, but find it a bit complicated, Fake Up concealer actually makes it so simple! Using the Deep stick, swipe a line under both cheek bones. Blend it in, noticing almost immediately that extra definition. It works really well on the skin for a day look as its so light and hydrating. Lisa recommends that you buff in your foundation over the top (-always contour under your foundation, doing it over the top makes it way too obvious).

The medium shade of Fake Up that I was matched with. -Note the hydrating ring.

Fact #4 // The product is £18.50 each and launches on 30th March, with a HUGE waiting list already, so get down to your nearest Benefit counter and pop your names down ladies!

Fake Up was launched in America this week and word is it's all sold out already!.. Out with Touche Éclat, in with Fake Up! 

I'll finish with this beaut view I snapped from the 27th floor of the Grape & Olive.. great venue, great product, great company. 

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wish List 140313

Lets hope Summer's rightful temperatures rear their welcome heads this year. My wardrobe will be bursting with acid brights that ache to be worn with vintage gold and a plethora of textures. Light weight jackets will be housed on sun kissed shoulders to shield them from the evening breeze, as I sip mojitos and plan tomorrows adventures (and outfit). 

Monday, 11 March 2013

More Is Love DIY Emerald Beanie

So I'm sure a lot of you have been cooing over the 711 beanies on More Is Love. I love them, and have been looking for an embellished hat for so long! So much so, that I created my own budget version last year, seeing as I was in the midst of slum dog interning and not earning that much dollah. 

I recently moved house, and came across it whilst unpacking, and thought I'd share! 

The hat is from H&M, about £6.99, and the embellishments are actually two packs of earrings from Primark, £1.50 a pair. 

I love to pair it with other emerald accessories, often with this Zara necklace and vintage brooches!

I'll be puckering up with Benefit at their #FakeUp launch tomorrow. More to come...

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Friday, 1 March 2013

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