Monday, 11 March 2013

More Is Love DIY Emerald Beanie

So I'm sure a lot of you have been cooing over the 711 beanies on More Is Love. I love them, and have been looking for an embellished hat for so long! So much so, that I created my own budget version last year, seeing as I was in the midst of slum dog interning and not earning that much dollah. 

I recently moved house, and came across it whilst unpacking, and thought I'd share! 

The hat is from H&M, about £6.99, and the embellishments are actually two packs of earrings from Primark, £1.50 a pair. 

I love to pair it with other emerald accessories, often with this Zara necklace and vintage brooches!

I'll be puckering up with Benefit at their #FakeUp launch tomorrow. More to come...

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  1. I love beanies with rhinestones on them, it looks gorgeous!


    1. Thank you!.. It's always nice to add a bit of sparkle :)

  2. I love both the hat and the necklace very much! And it's a brilliant idea with the earrings - I used to use them as broches/pins in the past, too. :)

  3. I desperately need some of your fashion creativity! Love the hat.