Monday, 27 May 2013

Are Entrepreneurs the new Bloggers?

Whilst indulging in my early morning ritual of Twitter feed perusing, I can't help but notice how my following interests have changed. Gone are the days of celebrity stalking and fashion blogger swooning, as my attention has taken a turn towards the world of entrepreneurs. 

Sure, the continued success of programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragon's Den will have bumped up the public's interest, but I think the alarming ratio of graduates to jobs has a lot to answer for. 

Students go through Uni with their dream career constantly within their sights. They think that if they stay within the comforts of the right degree, and ample experience then they are pretty much guaranteed a job the moment that certificate is placed into their hands after the tapping of the cap to a round of applause. The difference is that there are just not enough jobs to go around. Some students find themselves having to settle for the gloomy world of retail whilst others trot off to pastures new to unpaid internships funded by their parents (guilty). The reality is though, that at some point that bubble will also burst.

So what's a girl/boy to do with the skill, knowledge, and experience required for the non existent role? Well, here's a thought... why not create it for yourself? It is safe to say that we are in the era of the 'start up'. People are slowly coming to realise that in order to get their dream job, then they are going to have to create it for themselves. It's amazing what a bit of brainstorming can achieve. 

As a recent graduate myself, I'm trying to lay down the foundations of my future (still seeking planning permission). My graduation from a creative industries University meant that I studied alongside photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, fashion designers, marketers, graphic designers amongst other disciplines. I had already worked alongside many of these to create my magazine, Grandeur. It would be stupid for me not to take advantage of the group of talent that immediately surrounds me, and them the same. 

So in answer to my own question, I don't think entrepreneurs are the new bloggers as in all honesty, they really are quite different. Some have even started to blur the lines and used their new found blogger fame to generate income. I do, however, think that it's time for a shift in focus as we introduce another aspirational genre of people to our noisy graduate worlds. Let's take it up a notch. 

Check out your local council's websites for courses and business grants. I've been able to attend a 4 day business start-up course, and assigned a business advisor to help me along my way on my venture. 

If you are an entrepreneur working in any industry reading this, and would like to share your story on here, you're more than welcome to reach out to me at  

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