Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hardy Amies SS13 - Sartorial Splendour

Loose fitting tailoring in creamy white opened the Hardy Amies debut show in Paris. Trousers perched above the ankle flashed an inch of skin as the eye wandered down to neatly laced brogues and tassled loafers.

Hands sank into the pockets of tailored shorts, taking a longer length than previous seasons. Wardrobe constants in the form of shirts and ties were housed under patterned jackets complementing the freshness injected into the Amies man’s wardrobe with raspberry and geometric shapes emerging from the blackened out surroundings.

Experimenting playfully with English silhouettes, and now under the creative direction of Claire Malcolm, there was a definite nod to era’s past.

Knotted neckerchiefs nestled into the necks of shirts in the same fabric, with bow ties and satin dinner jackets adding the splendour to the sartorial. 

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