Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'Lovely's (very lovely) Vintage Emporium'

Marrying together her love of vintage and online shopping, Fashion and Beauty Journalist Lynnette Peck Bateman decided to indulge in her passion and create a vintage shopping website 'Lovely's Vintage Emporium'. A bazaar of Vintage finds, this really is the Aladdin's cave of pre-loved fashion paraphernalia!

Broken down into trends, there's no more endless trawling through reams of sequins and mohair, when you're actually after polka dots. Oh no.

Enabling shoppers to shop according to size or era makes for a fuss-free experience, ensuring that you won't fall in love with something that's two sizes too small for you.... No matter what positions/breathing exercises you implement to get it on...Trust.

Anyway, here's a selection of my faves currently on the website!

Vogue Russia, Cosmopolitan and The Telegraph have been the latest to feature the Emporium on their pages, and with pieces being sported by numerous London Fashion Week goers this season, you should go and check it out for yourselves! -You'll be in great company.

Lovely's Vintage Emporium hat used in Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Post LFW armchair shopping starts now! 

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  1. Oooh I spy lots of pretty things on the site! So tempting! xx