Friday, 25 January 2013

Capri Me

The snow has melted, cheeks are still rosy and I am so ready for Spring/Summer I'm tempted to go the full hog with the Capri inspired items languishing in my online wish lists. I've always been more of a winter dresser than a lover of skimpy hemlines and baring flesh. Truth be told, I think it's more of a beauty thing. Having to shave my legs every other day, feet maintenance, humidity appropriate make up yadda yadda. It's all such a chore.. Guys have it so easy!

Then there was Tory Burch's SS13 collection. As soon as I clapped eyes on the swinging pom poms, intricate embroidery and exotic embellishment Summer was in the room. Even going back to it today makes me feel all warm and tropical, despite the arctic takeover we have found ourselves in as of late. The all American designer swept me off my slippered feet and transported me to Capri's Marina Grande. The sun on my back, only peering above my sunglasses to catch a clearer glimpse of the yachts sailing in and out of the harbour whist I sip on my second (probably third) rose. Oh life. 

'Her girl, she said at a preview at her studio, is "classic in spirit, but a bit of a traveler." She has a "magpie sensibility." She's a souvenir collector. Hence the ethnic embellishments and accessories scattered throughout. The tie-dye skirts and dresses were made by a collective of artisan women in Guinea, the rings on each girl's fingers in Ghana. Burch's take on the smoking slipper came courtesy of the original version from Morocco, where, not coincidentally, she spent some time herself this summer.'

The fabulous transitional pieces are what makes this collection so great. The 3/4 armed crisp white tunic neatly topped with embellishment from shoulder to cuff and around the hem (look 15) is one of the stars for me. The perfect travel top. A bit of glam, yet practical for the chilly cabin air con. It would be equally perfect for our less than tropical Spring evenings. Dress down with jeans or up with a blood red mini. (Who am I trying to convince here?!)

The opulent jewellery given an eclectic twist with peppered pom poms has inspired me to update my own jewels. Stay tuned for some crafty updates!

..and did I mention the hair? 

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