Saturday, 16 November 2013

Shine On in Party Season Metallics!

We are officially half way through November. There are mutterings of the 'Christmas Doo' in the office, and annoyance of pre December festive chatter soon turns to absolute panic over what to wear. Personally, I take Christmas as the perfect excuse to go all out on my shiny, magpie intuition and wear head to toe metallics, sequins and shine. I've compiled a little outfit plan, as preparation is my middle name, when it comes to outfits at least. Sunglasses may be required. 

Necklace - £26.00 Bijoux Bazaar

Top - £45.00 Topshop

Skirt - £39.99 Zara

Bag - £12.99 New Look

Shoes - £59.99 Zara

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